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A Crew Leader is a volunteer who dedicates 12 days out of the year to help lead crews on Habitat Suffolk’s worksites.  Whether you volunteer once a month, every two weeks, or all 12 days in a row, you are actively making a commitment to Habitat Suffolk’s crew leader program, a program that is essential for running our worksites in an organized and safe manner.

Crew Leaders work with small groups of volunteers (1-4) completing assigned tasks, maintaining quality control in a diplomatic manner, keeping volunteers involved, and troubleshooting.  The position requires a desire to learn the construction process and teach others how to proceed with a task.

We encourage all volunteers to become a part of the Crew Leader Program!  Once you submit your application, attend a Crew Leader Orientation and complete 4 volunteer days, you'll receive a "CREW LEADER" Habitat t-shirt as a way to distinguish you on site and recognize you as an integral part of the program!  Please contact Steph, Manager of Partnerships and Communications at to sign up!

CLICK HERE To Download the Crew Leader Application

Sunday, June 26, 2022