Corporate Partners

Together we build homes, communities and HOPE!

Together, with the support of our corporate partners we build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. We build partnerships by working with corporations of all sizes, allowing you to give back to your community and making a real difference.


Corporate partnerships provide a positive method for small and large business to give back to the Long Island community, offering a wealth of benefits to corporations, including tax deductions, public relations and a permanent positive effect on company morale. United in the goal of helping those in need, employees at every level get to see each other at their best on a Habitat build. It is an opportunity to grow, to bond and to experience good feelings that get carried back to the workplace.

There are numerous ways to form a partnership with Habitat, whether through product donations, financial support, or mobilizing employees as Habitat volunteers. Habitat Long Island invites you to join us as we work in partnership with families in need - helping them to secure decent, affordable shelter. For more information, email

Thank you to our Sponsors!