Our Story

Our Mission

Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity International brings people together
to build homes, communities and hope.

Our mission principles and values


Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.

Focus on shelter.

Advocate for affordable housing.

Promote dignity and hope.

Support sustainable and transformative development.

Humility, courage and accountability.

Our Vision

A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Our Roots

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) was founded in 1976 by Linda and Millard Fuller. HFHI is an ecumenical Christian partnership of concerned people working together on principles of fellowship, charity and a firm belief that everyone deserves a decent place to live. Habitat affiliates around the world invite people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need.

In 1987, under the guidance of the Board of Directors and in alliance with a supportive community, Habitat for Humanity of Long Island formed by pulling together its scarce resources to build its first home for a single mother in Riverhead. Originally working out of a garage in Rocky Point before moving into a church office, the Habitat Long Island founders began developing relationships with municipalities, corporations, churches, schools, private groups and individuals to form the organization as it is known today.

Habitat for Humanity of Long Island is an independently operated affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International.  Since 1988, we have built strength, stability and self-reliance through affordable homeownership, providing a permanent solution for Long Island families struggling to find a place to call home. Our goal is to work in partnership with local businesses, volunteers and responsible, low-mid  income families of all races, religions and creeds to build an average of 6-8 homes annually. 

We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.


How We Work

We work with government agencies, businesses, sponsors and volunteers to offer hard-working Long Islanders "a hand up, not a hand out" - helping families reach financial stability and self-reliance through affordable homeownership and financial education.


Families We Partner With

Habitat Long Island partners with families of low-moderate income, with stable employment and acceptable credit history. Participants are chosen based on their need, ability to pay and willingness to fulfill the "sweat equity" requirements for Habitat's homeownership program.


Why Homeownership is Key

Affordable homeownership is the key to building a foundation that allows families, neighborhoods and entire communities to thrive. We know the effect is more than a roof and four walls. Success in school and at work, better financial security and improved health are what Habitat families experience when they finally have a safe and affordable place to call home.

Four Star Charity

Habitat Long Island is proud to be recognized as a four star charity by Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator. Charity Navigator works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of America's largest charities.

Habitat Long Island receives a rating of Exceptional, meaning we exceed industry standards and outperform most charities in our Cause. We are proud to announce that Habitat for Humanity of Long Island has earned Charity Navigator's 2nd consecutive 4-star rating.


"Receiving four out of a possible four stars indicates that your organization adheres to sector best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient way. Attaining a 4-star rating verifies that Habitat for Humanity of Long Island exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in your area of work. Only 21% of the charities we evaluate have received at least 2 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Habitat for Humanity of LongIsland outperforms most other charities in America. This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator sets Habitat for Humanity of Long Island apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness." - Charity Navigator


About Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator rates charities by evaluating two broad areas of financial health - organizational efficiency and organizational capacity. Using a set of financial ratios or performance categories to rate each of these two areas, Charity Navigator issues an overall rating that combines the charity's performance in both areas. Charity Navigator ratings show givers how efficiently they believe a charity will use its support today and to what extent the charity is growing its programs and services over time.