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We believe that EVERY person deserves a safe, decent, and affordable place to live.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must meet our three principal criteria listed below:

the need for housing

Applicants must not already own a home and currently have a housing need such as:

  • Your rent is not affordable (a.k.a. - You're currently paying more than 30% of your income toward housing.)
  • You are living in poorly made, unhealthy, or inadequate housing.
  • Living in housing that is over crowded or inaccessible for your disabilities.
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Being homeowners has been one of the most life changing events for our family. We have raised our kids to love our home in a way that is just so special. They forever see our home as their safe space and forever a gift from habitat. This is our place to learn and grow and live together.

Elizabeth M.

Shirley, NY

the ability to pay

Applicants must have:

  • Total household income within HUD income guidelines according to family size.
  • Two years history of steady income
  • Credit without liens, judgments, foreclosures or recent bankruptcies.
  • Ability to qualify for an affordable mortgage with a licensed lending institution.

Habitat home ownership has provided security and peace of mind that I never imagined as a single mother raising 3 children. This program has made it possible for me get my Master's Degree AND be able to afford my monthly mortgage. Thank you Habitat Family.

Khadija Y.

Bellport, NY

the willingness to partner

Applicants must demonstrate the willingness to complete all 300 hours of  "Sweat Equity" and partnership requirements before being able to purchase the house once finished, including:

  • Contributing 210 hours helping to build their future home, and homes for others in the program.
  • Completing Financial preparation & education; First Time Home Buyer Counseling; and Home Maintenance Training.
  • Paying It Forward by giving 42 hours of Volunteering & Community Service.

does this sound familiar?

Are you paying too much for rent?

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable landlords?

Do you want to purchase your own simple, decent, affordable home?

Do you qualify for a mortgage, but not enough that meets your family's needs?

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